Induction Systems

Induction Courses

ABP provides generic induction courses as a white label offering. The courses carry your branding and details to maintain consistency with your company standards.

    Customised Induction Courses

    Existing courses can be modified to your specific requirement.

      Course Development Services

      Custom induction courses can be built for you based on your specific requirement.

        Trainings Available


        1. Manual Handling
        2. Noise
        3. Chemicals Safety
        4. PPE
        5. Electrical Safety
        6. Training of workers
        7. WH&S in the Workplace
        8. Hazardous Chemicals
        9. WH&S Key Parties with Duties
        10. Plant
        11. Conduct Workplace Inspections and Record Findings
        12. Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders
        13. Auditing & Planning
        14. Hand & Power Tools
        15. Workplace Consultative Arrangements
        16. Contractor Management
        17. Risk Management
        18. Conduct an Induction
        19. The Right of a Worker to Cease Unsafe Work
        20. Conduct a Hazard Inspection
        21. Risk Management
        22. Fatigue
        23. Workplace Amenities
        24. Workplace Bullying
        25. Silica Awareness